Return Conditions


No legal or criminal liability of the CONSUMER without undertaking and without giving any reason to himself or to the third person/organization at the address indicated by the goods. 15 (fifteen) from the date of delivery out of the contract by rejecting/returning the goods within the same day. has the right of withdrawal.

The withdrawal period for the exercise of the right of withdrawal that this right is used to the SELLER;

The SELLER's Panayır Mahallesi İstanbul Yolu Caddesi No: 421 in writing to the address or by a permanent data carrier. with an e-mail to [email protected] via email or website or mobile app must be reported via an easy return request.

CONSUMER, while using the right of withdrawal;

1. To the CONSUMER or the CONSUMER's Delivery Person of the product delivered to the person designated as your invoice,

2. Box, packaging, standard accessories and attachments, if any to be returned complete and undamaged, together with products (**)

It will be delivered to the SELLER.

(**) Unpacked, used, destroyed etc. The return of the products in the form is not accepted and the price is refunded. not allowed. The customer receives the product when it is delivered to him. by returning it with its condition and in case of use loss of commercial value due to use liable for compensation. damaged during shipping. the products considered or any deficiency in the product, If there is any damage, the product should be returned to the courier delivering the product. Delivery of the product by making a report to the cargo company needs to be done. After the product is received that the courier company has fulfilled its duty you agree. Therefore, the SELLER does not accept responsibility.

Returning more than one product within the scope of the right of withdrawal If requested, all the items that the CONSUMER wishes to return It is obligatory to return the products in one go. Within the return period of more than one product that is requested to be returned if sent separately, only the first sent The shipping fee for the return of the product belongs to the SELLER. For other products, the shipping fee will belong to the CONSUMER.

returned by the CONSUMER within the framework of the right of withdrawal. decrease in the value of the product due to the fault of the CONSUMER or the product in question is destroyed due to the fault of the CONSUMER. the value of the product to the SELLER by the CONSUMER. or to compensate for the decrease in value.

SELLER, from the date of receipt of the withdrawal notice. product price within 10 (ten) days at the latest In accordance with the payment instrument used by the CONSUMER when purchasing refund in some way to bank account or credit card account take immediate action at the relevant bank to is found.

The product/service to be returned by the CONSUMER within the scope of the right of withdrawal. Contracted cargo of the SELLER specified in this Agreement. As long as it sends it to the SELLER with the company, the return shipping cost It belongs to the SELLER. For the return, at the location of the CONSUMER The SELLER does not have a contracted cargo company branch. In the event of a courier service, the CONSUMER In this case, the shipping cost belongs to the SELLER. The goods to be returned by the CONSUMER are specified in this Agreement. A cargo other than the contracted cargo company of the SELLER In case of sending with the company, the return shipping cost and the goods The SELLER is responsible for any damage incurred during the shipping process. is not. sent to the SELLER without notice of withdrawal. The shipping fee for the products is determined by the CONSUMER. will be met. In this case, the CONSUMER is responsible for the transportation in question. He knows and accepts that he will pay the fee.

In case this right is exercised, it is given to the 3rd person or the CONSUMER. that the delivered product has been sent to the SELLER Return of the original invoice with the sample of the cargo delivery report mandatory. If the original invoice is not sent, VAT and other legal obligations are non-refundable.

With the use of the right of withdrawal, the CONSUMER and SELLER subcontracts between costs, indemnities or penalties. terminates without obligation to pay the condition.


The CONSUMER cannot use the right of withdrawal in the following contracts:

a) Its price depends on fluctuations in financial markets goods that are not under the control of the SELLER or contracts for services

b) The demands or personal needs of the CONSUMER contracts for products prepared in accordance with

c) Perishable or past expiration date contracts for the delivery of goods

ç) After delivery, such as packaging, tape, seal, package from products whose protective elements have been opened; to be returned products that are not suitable for health and hygiene (internal underwear, swimwear and swimwear, cosmetics) contracts.

d) After its delivery, it is mixed with other products and its nature for products that cannot be separated contracts.

ğ) With services performed instantly in electronic environment, Regarding the intangible goods delivered to the BUYER instantly contracts.


CONSUMER, basic characteristics of the product(s) on the SITE, selling price, form of payment, delivery and other read the preliminary information and have knowledge of them and has given the necessary approval in electronic environment on these matters. declares.

CONSUMER, by credit card or debit card in advance or pay in installments; products, No later than 30 days from the day the order is sent to the SELLER. Delivery by courier within (thirty) days It will be delivered to your address.

In case the CONSUMER is not present at the time of delivery Even the SELLER has fully and completely fulfilled its obligations. will be accepted as Therefore, the consumer's product with any damage caused by late delivery. the product has been waiting at the cargo company and/or the cargo Expenses incurred due to its return to the SELLER The CONSUMER will be folded.

The shipping fee, which is the product delivery cost, is included in the product price. not; It will be paid by the CONSUMER.

Due to the fault or negligence of the CONSUMER, the products within the period specified in the contract and/or commitment to the SELLER in case it cannot be delivered as specified. No liability can be imposed.

The branch of the cargo company at the location of the CONSUMER In case of failure, the CONSUMER's product is transferred to the cargo company. From another nearby branch reported by the SELLER. must be delivered. on the website "envisioned The delivery date of the products specified as "delivery date" The date is given as an estimate and this expression does not mean any does not contain a commitment.

The SELLER shall make it impossible to supply the product subject to the order. in case of arrival, the situation, the product specified in the contract notifies the CONSUMER within the delivery period and Return the total price to the CONSUMER within (ten) days it does.

The CONSUMER, written otherwise by the SELLER If it is not foreseen, the price of the product is fully paid before receiving the product. must have paid. Before delivery in advance sales the product price is not fully paid to the SELLER, in installments In sales, the due installment amount is not paid. otherwise, the SELLER unilaterally cancels the contract. and may not deliver the product.

Credit card of the CONSUMER after the delivery of the product unfairly or unlawfully by unauthorized persons bank or for any other reason. or the financial institution's failure to pay the product price to the SELLER or in case of cancellation of the payment, the product will be delivered within 7 (seven) days at the latest. All expenses belong to the CONSUMER by the CONSUMER. is returned to the SELLER. In this case, the shipping cost It belongs to the CONSUMER. without accepting the SELLER's return. all other products including tracking contractual-legal rights are reserved in any case. Any by the bank and/or financial institution for a reason. failed code sent but bank and/or finance regarding the payments made to the SELLER by the The SELLER will not have any responsibility.

SELLER force majeure, weather conditions preventing delivery, interruption of transportation and other extraordinary situations Delivery of the product/s subject to the contract within the period due to If it cannot, it will notify the CONSUMER of this situation. This otherwise, the CONSUMER (i) cancels the order, (ii) with the precedent, if any, of the product/s subject to the contract replacement and/or (iii) force majeure of the delivery time until the cause/preventing condition disappears may exercise one of its rights of deferment. CONSUMER'S In case of canceling the order, the total amount paid is 10 (ten) It is paid to him in cash and in one day. In the payments made by the CONSUMER by credit card, the product/s amount is due to the cancellation of the order by the CONSUMER. then return it to the relevant bank within 10 (ten) business days is done. After this amount is returned to the bank, the CONSUMER transfer to their accounts is completely related to the bank transaction process. Because of this, the CONSUMER is responsible for the possible delays of the SELLER. that it is not possible to interfere in any way and The amount returned to the credit card by the SELLER transfer to the CONSUMER account by the knows that the time is not the responsibility of the SELLER and accepts.


In the resolution of disputes that may arise from this contract, up to the limit announced by the Ministry of Commerce. buys goods or services and resides Consumer Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts is authorized. About Consumer Protection No. 6502 The sub- and on consumer demands in line with upper limits district/province consumer arbitration committees are authorized.